The Target

The Problem: Complex Anatomy & Physiology

The anal canal is the terminal part of the large intestine. It is situated between the rectum and anus. Its upper half of the canal and is lined by simple columnar epithelium. The lower half is lined by stratified squamous epithelium.

The anal canal has unique physiological conditions: high temperature and humidity, frequent passage of stools that scraps the surface and varying absorptive capacity (excellent in the upper part and poor in the lower).

Therefore, in order to treat diseases in this area, drugs  require  Special formulation and  application techniques

More Information

RDD Pharma is a drug-device company that developed an intra-anal drug delivery device that delivers a drug to the anal canal in a controlled manner.

The company utilizes a high-reward low-risk business model by repurposing drugs; By choosing medications that are already approved for other indications and combining them into our proprietary* drug-delivery technology, we benefit from short regulatory route while maintaining our patent protection.