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Location (USA):
3 Columbus Circle, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Tel: 973-723-9000
Fax: 646-460-9707

Location (Israel):
31 Habarzel St.
Ramat Hachayal
Tel-Aviv 69710 Israel

Tel: +972-722419061
Fax: +972-722419062

Email: [email protected]

Info-iconRDD is a specialty pharma company developing targeted pharmacological treatments for diseases of the anorectal region such as fecal incontinence and pruritus ani. A pharmaceutical compound targeting radiation proctitis is in preclinical development as well.

The company utilizes a high-reward, low-risk business model by repurposing drugs. By choosing medications that are already approved for other indications and combining them with our proprietary drug-delivery technology, we benefit from a short regulatory route while maintaining patent protection.

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